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Currently all of the collector plate sets and most of the instructional books shown are available on the secondary market only. 


"Painting Wildlife Textures" by Rod Lawrence"Painting Wildlife Textures" by Rod Lawrence, Classic Edition"Wildlife Painting Basics - Waterfowl & wading Birds" by Rod Lawrence

These books were published by North Light Books. The seond book is the same as the first one, only with
a new cover and some minor updates. It was released as one of North Light Books Classic Editions.


"Wildlife" by Pablo Dominguez & Rod Lawrence"Animals" by Rod Lawrence"Animals" by Rod Lawrence

AnimalsAcrylic Painting

These books were published by Walter Foster Publishing. The first book features work by both Rod Lawrence
and Pablo Dominguez. The seond book is a revised editoin featuring only the work of Rod Lawrence with new
added images. The third book is the same, but with a different cover. The last two books contain selections from the previous books.



I have three sets of limited edition collector plates on the market. Each set features waterfowl images. Although some species were repeated in the various sets, all the painting designs are different.



The first set was released in 1986 by Nature’s Heritage, part of the Michigan Natural Resources Magazine of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and is called "Waterfowl of America." The plate size is 8 1/2" in diameter. The set of six features the following species; bufflehead, canvasback, lesser scaup, mallard, pintail, & wood duck.

"Nature's Heritage" Collector Plate Set

The second set was released in 1988 by the Hamilton Collection and is called "American Waterbirds." The plate size is 9" in diameter. The set of eight features the following species; American widgeon, Canada geese, canvasback, hooded merganser, mallard, pintail, snow geese, & wood duck. The set "sold out" and the plates were listed on the secondary market with prices increasing somewhat and varying between the species.


"Wood Ducks" by Rod Lawrence"Pintails" by Rod Lawrence"Canada Geese" by Rod Lawrence "Hooded Merganser" by Rod Lawrence

"American Widgeon" by Rod Lawrence"Canvasbacks" by Rod Lawrence"Snow Geese" by Rod Lawrence"Mallards" by Rod Lawrence


The third set was released in 1991 by the Hamilton Collection and is called "North American Ducks." The plate size is 8 1/2" in diameter. The set of eight features the following species: bufflehead, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, hooded merganser, mallard, pintail, redhead, & wood duck.


"Autumn Flight"  by Rod Lawrence"Misty Morning" by Rod Lawrence"Summer Retreat" by Rod Lawrence"Overcast" by Rod Lawrence

"Springtime Thaw" by Rod Lawrence"Twin Flight" by Rod Lawrence"Resting Place" by Rod Lawrence"Perfect Pintails" by Rod Lawrence



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