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I do illustrations for books and magazines in a varity of formats, such as digital, pencil, black and white, and color.  Below are some samples of my published illustrations. Some of my illustrations are for sale and you can click here (available soon) to see them and get more information.  If you are interested in my services as an illustrator please contact me.

I also do some design work for logos and websites. For more information on these click on this link.

  "Animals" by Rod Lawrence"Bear Archery 1979 Catalog""Fred Bear's Field Notes""Fred Bear" "Spirit Dogs - Life between Lives""Spirt Dogs""Spirt Dogs - Heros Return"Pheasant hunter with dog illustration

Magazine IllustrationDog and hunting illustration

Mason Jar pencil illustrationMap IllustrationSnowy Owl

"Kingfisher""Canada Geese""Trillium"


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