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  Tailing BrookieBack in the SaddleSteelhead  
  In the ShadowsFence JumpersCouch Cats  
  Sunkissed RamJohnny CashYoung Black Bear  
Night Flight - barn owlA Guiding Hand - father son fishingMaize & Blue - blue jay
  First Light - Dall's sheepOne of ThreeField Fluff - sparrow  
  The Old Pine Perch - bald eagle Hunter's Moon - African lion Just Chillin' - grizzly bear  
  A Lot of Bull Autumn Gold - sparrow Moonlight & Shadows - wolves  

Caribou Crossing - caribou bulls

A Bird in the Hand - still life Distant Challenge - elk  
  Hang Time - chickadeeWinter Thaw - juncoSunlight & Shadows - sparrowLight Landing - indigo bunting  
  Hooter - great horned owl Gathering Storm - African lion pair Along the DePas - caribou  
  The Three Bears - grizzly family Unfinished Business - cat and butterfly Mallard Pair - swimming ducks  
  Sunrise Mulie - mule deer buck Back Light - wolf portrait Schotizie - paint horse portrait  
  Cat Nap - lynx and chickadees High Country - mountain goats Wolf Spirit - wolf and rocks  
  Sun Spot - baby snow leopard Focused - black crowned night heron Basket Buddies - chickadees and basket  
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